Police Patrol Request

Breaux Bridge Police Department: Keeping Our Community Safe

At the Breaux Bridge Police Department, our mission is to maintain a safe and secure environment for all our residents. We understand that you, as members of our community, are essential partners in achieving this goal. We are proud to offer the Request Police Patrol service to further enhance safety and security within our beautiful city.

What is Police Patrol Request?

Police Patrol Request is a service provided by the Breaux Bridge Police Department to address specific concerns or requests from community members. By submitting a request, you can help us identify areas that may require increased police presence or patrol, allowing us to better allocate our resources and ensure a safer community for everyone.

When to Submit a Request

We encourage you to submit a Request Police Patrol form if you:

  1. Observe suspicious activities or persons in your neighborhood.
  2. Have concerns about recurring traffic violations, such as speeding or running stop signs.
  3. Notice illegal activities such as drug use, vandalism, or theft.
  4. Believe that increased police presence would benefit a particular area or event.

Please note: Request Police Patrol is not intended for emergency situations. If you are experiencing an emergency or require immediate assistance, please call 911.

Submit Police Patrol Request